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Never thought at 17 my life would be over, for a choice I made trying to avoid shame my Senior Year. My name is Mercedes & as I look down at my Helpless body with tubes running out of my mouth, and chest; with a hysterical Mother, confused Bestfriend, crying siblings and a praying Father. I wonder was my decision Worth an early visit to the unknown. To be honest I'm not sure if this is Limbo or Purgatory, but I know it's so many people here who seem to be crying; and lost but it's not Heaven or Hell. Its silence, I dont hear anything, but as I look in other people eyes and faces I see Terror, and Severe pain. We all have on red, which isn't complimenting my complexion one bit. I know the stories of Heaven and Hell and I've read the Bible numerous times and this place definitely doesn't fit the description at all for Heaven or Hell. I suppose to be graduating next month, last week we just took Senior portraits. Monifa Monae did me and my bestfriend Britney's makeup and we were excited about being Leopards; Class of 2020 for Mattie T Blount High School. Maybe this is all a nightmare because I didn't see Vincent by my bedside, which was confusing. Vincent Martin Roberts Jr. was my boyfriend of 3yrs, we had been dating since the 9th grade. Everyone called him Vj and he was the finest guy walking the halls at Blount. Caramel complexion, waves to match his fade, with a pretty boy style and hood demeanor, to make the girls go crazy. I was proud to call him my man because every girl wanted him. We had been going through alot this Senior year, due to him catching a charge for drugs. My mother was the First Lady and my father the Pastor of Lily Hope #3 Episcopal Church of Christ in Prichard Alabama. They have mentioned time after time they didn't want me dating a pretty boy thug but to me he was my Hero. My uncle raped me for years and prayer never stopped him. I was hurting on the inside wondering why God never saved a wretch like me??? Let alone my parents who I told at 9 years old and they prayed for me and told the congregation I was battling with rebellious spirits. My uncle died when I was 12 and that's when it all stopped but I was lost with everything that was going on with my body. Then I met Vj and my world changed drastically. I felt Loved, Appreciated, Worthy, and more like a lady supposed to feel. He listened to me, unlike my parents who prayed about everything and did absolutely nothing. Last week I had a positive pregnancy test after missing my Period in January. Vj was so excited but not me because this will make my Parents look really bad within the Religious Community. Vj said we could stay with his mom but Vj was the oldest of 5 and I couldn't talk myself into being a burden on his mom who was a single mother of 5 kids. I had saved up some money from baby sitting Sister Diane Children. I could have an Abortion during spring break, no one would ever know and get back to school like nothing happened. My plan was to lie to Vj and tell him I miscarried from stressing. Yes I had my plan all mapped out. I used my cousin Lauren I.D. because you had to be 19 to have it done without a Guardian. The Abortion came in stages, the first stage was blood work and a ultrasound to see how far along we were. Wow, it was so many girls there; all races and ages. It was a 14 yr old there with her mom. I could tell it was something her mom was making her do, because she cried the entire time in the lobby begging her mom for them to go and to dont do this to her baby. I hated to see the pain in her eyes and the disappointment and coldness in her mother's eyes. It was a group of 10 young women including me. So the second stage wasnt so bad. They put us in a room and made us watch a video on the steps and procedure of the Abortion. Going off my ultrasound I was 8 weeks, I heard the heartbeat and my baby looked like a Lima bean. That made me feel better because I didn't see a baby on the screen. The third stage was the actual procedure. The entire procedure itself took 10 minutes, that felt like a lifetime. My insides felt like they were being ripped apart by Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers all on Friday the 13th. I never felt so violated before in my life, not even the first time my uncle touched me at 5 years old. I felt so empty after the procedure, I felt cold and on E. My bestfriend came with me to drive me after the procedure because they stated some of us may be too weak to drive. My bestfriend picked me up and we drove in silence. She was lowkey mad at me for doing this to myself, my baby and most of all Vj because he loved me. She promised not to tell and I love her for being exactly that, loyal. That night I stayed in bed and told my mom my cycle was on and I was cramping. The cramps was so painful I was shaking from pain and my heart was beating extremely bad. Is this normal because I don't remember them mentioning any of this in the video?The next day I woke up in a puddle of blood with a fever of 103.5. I call my bestfriend and asked her what i should do? It took me an hour to clean my bed and myself because I could barely move. I had no strength to do anything, was this normal? The last thing i remember was walking to Britney car. I was unaware that the center who did my procedure wasn't license in the state of Alabama. The doctor who did my procedure did an incomplete abortion which caused my body to go into Septic Shock. Septic shock often occurs after an abortion. It strikes when your body gets a bacterial infection. Septic Shock occurs when an infection overtakes your body and causes very low blood pressure.When I was having severe cramps, I should have told someone but I was ashamed of letting them know that not only did I get pregnant but I also had an Abortion. As I laid there all night, the infection went from my uterus throughout my entire body. By the time Britney got me to the hospital I was unresponsive. It was too late, my Bestie kept a secret that caused me my life!!!Dear Heavenly Father, I'm sorry, please forgive me for what I have done. Mommy, Daddy, Vickie, Damian and Sara, Vj, and Britney I never meant to hurt you guys, I love you💜 

If you are a Young Mother or know a Young Mother in need of support contact the: "Love Line" 1(888)550-1588MERCIFUL MERCEDES-MERCIFUL MERCEDES- They are Providing support for single moms and women facing unplanned pregnancies, who feel they have exhausted all opportunities for resources in their area. Our hope is to discover the need, uncover hidden resources and connect her with one of our volunteer advocates in her area to help.

LoveLine is accessible 24/7/365.Please Spread for Awareness Written by: Author L. Patterson founder of Ambitiously Him Her- King FoundationMarch for Life- Mobile, Al can direct you in the direction to help save your life and your Unborn baby life💜


Hi my name is Bre'Anna but my Friends call me Bre Bre and my mom call me Anna Bell. Before I end my life, I would like to tell you why I'm only 15 and I have absolutely nothing to live for. Maybe you wont judge me like everyone else, after hearing the truth.

Lord knows "I'm Sorry" for embarrassing my mom who work so hard to provide for me and my older brother, especially after our Father died at that block party last year in Trinity Gardens. 2018 to be exact on First Avenue after the Trinity Gardens parade. My momma told him not to go, but he was fresh out of jail and wanted to hang out with Uncle Mike Mike. My momma had to work that night, so she wasn't upset about him getting out and enjoying himself with the boys. I was on the dance team and had to March and my brother Broderick was 17 so he was hanging out with our dad and Mike Mike. For 14 years old my mom hated I had a shape, I was well put together and it caused negative attention. My mom said that's why she became a Young Mother at 16 because of her shape and that Plum of a booty I inherited. This is, honestly why my daddy did 3 years in jail for assault. Mike Mike little cousin hit me on the butt in a playful manner, and my daddy pistol whip that boy and he was only 16. I never seen my daddy so angry before in my life, I guess being a Daddy's Little Girl has its pros and cons. God give us little girls, Dads to protect us right? I guess i wasn't worthy enough to keep my dad here to protect me, and maybe i wouldn't be talked about, all over the city, if my daddy was still here. To be honest my daddy didn't have to beat ole boy like that. 

After Marching, I hung out maybe an hour or two with my coach and dance members. It was getting dark so I went home to Shower and call Quentin. Quentin is my brother friend who I been sneaking talking too for 2 years now. I was sneaking for (1.) he is my brother homeboy and (2.) he 18. As the sun began to go down, I knew I had 3 hours before my mom came home because she got off at 11pm. I knew my brother and Dad will be gone all night because Trinity Gardens be lit after the parade, so I had plans of my own. For months I was planning to loose my virginity to Quentin because he made me feel so Amazing. I mean he wrote me letters, bought me snacks, gave me money, let me wear his jackets and even walked me from the bus stop everyday. My mom saw him as her other son, but I saw him as more. He was one fine, big secret that I didn't mind keeping because I knew my daddy was crazy as hell and my mom, stayed working late hours and every other weekend. Quentin told me he didn't want me in that way because he was worried about my brother and dad but: here goes nothing; I'm doing it anyways. I been watching YouTube on how to kiss and makeout and my friend told me, it will only hurt if I tense up, so I will relax and take it like a big girl. I'm getting butterflies thinking of that day, it was the most Amazing 15 minutes I've ever experienced. Yeah 15 minutes, movies make sex seem so much longer and passionate but in real life, it only last maybe 10-30 minutes. Quentin snuck back out 15 minutes before my mom came home. I got in bed and scrolled through Facebook until mom got home to tell her about the parade. Mom got home in a good mood, singing " Daddys Home. Ewwww so nasty, but not as nasty as me and Quesntin on my room floor earlier. At 1245am, this is a time that haunts me right now; I heard my mom scream this loud scream. The scream sounded like a horror movie. Mike Mike and Broderick was carrying my dad to the front porch and my mom was shaking so bad, she couldn't even perform CPR on my dad and she was a LPN. I heard Uncle Mike Mike say, something about my cousin did this. That f@$% shot my homeboy. No one ever think of retaliation until it's to late to defend yourself when your back is against the wall. Mike Mike little cousin shot my daddy 6 times, and hearing my dad say over and over: "I'm sorry" is in my head daily. Was he apologizing to my mom, me and my brother, Uncle Mike Mike, Mike Mike little cousin, or The Lord? I will never know. 

As months went by, I was hurt, angry and became rebellious. How can God Bless me with my dad and take him in the same day? My grades started dropping, I started dressing different and fighting. I started having sex with Quentin more and more. I didn't care if I got caught cuz who was going to check me? Not my brother, he had two baby mommas and a s?@! load of issues. My mom started talking to Mike Mike and they be clubbing every weekend. Word on the street was, Mike Mike set my brother up, so you would think my mom would not want to sleep with a man like that. But Mike Mike was a popular dope boy in the city, so what women wouldn't want him. Me and Quentin been going strong 2 years. He said he was tired of the same things, so I had to bring some Excitement in our relationship. I let him record when we was intimate maybe 3 or 4 times and even ask my friend KK to be "Our" girlfriend. She was a badie too and older than me. KK was 17 with a little girl and was from California. My mom hung out with Mike Mike and her mom and dad. Kk started acting funny one day out the blue and I was confused because we was tight for over a year. Jealousy never crossed my mind because she was older, her butt was fatter, she was Hispanic and her parents was still together. So why would she be Jealous of me, Hell I'm only 15, my dad dead and my mom a Thot with a Dope Boy Boyfriend who she fights over every weekend at Club Shot Guns. 

The other day after school I got so many notifications from Facebook, once I logged on. As I looked up, my mom was on the portch smoking a black with tears in her eyes, asking: "How Could You", "How Could You"? How could I what momma, I asked? Next thing I remember, I was fighting for my life; my mom was slapping me, punching me and calling me H@*$ and B!$@#%&. I ran in the house and locked myself in the bathroom. I was having an Anxiety attack in confusion, wondering why my mom was fighting me like I was a Female at the club.

My eyes locked in to a text by Quentin: "Sorry Ma, but we cant be together no more."

So I went to KK page to see if he been hearting any of her recent pictures and seen a post with a video attached she posted at 10:00am that stated: When you get it from yo momma #Thotness #Thotofthecity #SexVideo #ViralMeBe. So I clicked on it slightly smirking with a busted lip, because she has always exposed the local Thots at all the local High Schools and in the city. She was even behind the fake page: Thots of Mobile. As I started looking at the video I noticed it was me giving Quentin oral sex, and only my face was showing. I knew it was him because he is the only boy I have ever been with. My eyes locked in at 200,138 views and 856 Shares and 1.2 Likes. My heart stopped beating literally, tears attacked my bloody face. How could I be so stupid, how could I ruin my life all over Love and a Goidtime. I didn't want to feel the pain anymore, my heart ached daily, for my dad, for the mom I used to have, for a relationship with my brother and more. Why didn't anyone see the signs I had, that was screaming for help. My teachers ignored me, my coach ignored me, my mom ignored me, my brother ignored me, everyone ignored me. My Depression and Anxiety was real and everyone ignored me. I didn't know how to say: HELP ME!!!!

So there you have it, the reason I dont have a reason to live, because all the signs for help was looked at as a Fast, Want to be Grown Rebellion. I was crying silently for HELP. 

Misunderstood Bre'Anna 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

If you know anyone who Actions seem like a cry for help, Please dont ignore. Reach out to a School Counselor or Teacher with your concerns. You may save someone's life from being EXPOSED or Committing Suicide! 

L. Patterson 
Founder of Ambitiously Him Her King.Foundation


D@%♤ why my momma had to name me after my Dad? Well Father, over the years I convinced myself it's a big difference. 
See, a father, (if I'm technically speaking in my Google educated voice) is someone who believes that by donating his sperm for your creation, he has done his duty in life. A dad is someone who gets up every day and does whatever he can to put a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on your table, morally supports you and step by step show you how to be a man. 

Well, my Father weak a%$ ain't, never have that much time for me and my momma named me after this Duck. I saw him when I was 8 and talked to him when I was 10 years old. It makes me heated when ppl say: Boyyyyyyyyy you look just like Dontae Sr, yall twins my boy. But this man never showed up at my games, parties, Christmas, the bus stop or even when the Pastor damn near drowned me at 12. All my life I wondered what he was doing, how much he loves me, did I get my feet from him, why he left my mom, what his Dad look like, what's his favorite song, whats his favorite food, was he allergic to seafood like me and do he pray? I even started writing letters to him when I was 9 and now I have 15 Jordan shoe boxes full of unread letters. 

Overall my mom and MeMe raised me alone. I was my mom only child and after she had me, she was diagnosed with Lupus. So mom, majority of the time; is in bed sick and MeMe do her best working in the cafeteria at Morningside Elementary. I almost lost my mom at 13 and that's the moment I realized; I gotta be a better man than my Father. I can never be a duck like Dontae if my Shawty have my son or daughter. So I started selling weed at a young age, but this lil set up wont last long, only until I graduate. My Scholorship will help me go to an Amazing college, get noticed, so I can eventually play pro ball one day. My MeMe will kill me if she found out i was selling and stashing weed at her house. My mom never been able to provide for me, like she wanted too because of her health. Hell MeMe got a bad back and only been able to work part time just to pay the Bills. So I had to do what I had to do, but not for long. 

My little babie did nails and was the hottest girl in the school. Everyone wanted CoCo, her real name Chanel. Out of all the dope boys, she picked me. I wasnt Pushing no major weight but she knew I was talented and destined to make it because I was the star on Williamson's High School Basketball team. So we both had big dreams of making it, we even started a YouTube Channel that had us popular and we was named: The Youngest Hood Power Couple. CoCo was 5ft 2in, Caramel Complexion, 145 pounds and had a waist and hips full of greens and cornbread. We been together a year, 2 months ago made a year to be exact. 

Hold on, I hear my phone buzzing; I think that's bae texting me now. 

CoCo (Foreva 🤞🏾❤👑😍 The One)
CoCo: WUA This Urgent

Dontae: Just getting out of the shower, had practice and a quick run.

CoCo: I'm mad af

Dontae: ? bae

CoCo: You didn't pull out?

Dontae: Pull out of what? Art , I did when I seen Shay took the same class. 

Hold on yall, my Shawty about to act up. Shay was my ex and her and CoCo dun fought 4 damn times. I know this about some messy girl s@!&. 

CoCo: Tae Nooooooooo Meeeeeeeeee 
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, I'm pregnant and I got to be atleast 2 months. 
I told you I was getting fat.

Dontae: I thought you was on Depo, that's why we was going raw. 

CoCo: I stopped taking it, because I was gaining weight.

Dontae: Wtf 🤔 I know you lying?

Dontae: Why didn't you tell me 🤬

CoCo: Bae, Come get me. 

CoCo: Bae

CoCo: Dontae Brown answer your damn phone. 

CoCo: Omg Bae, Really? 

CoCo: Tae, you promised you would never be like your Father. You told me you would never ever do this. Are you ok?

CoCo: Bae, I'm worried. Your mom and MeMe told me you not home. 

Damn man, yall I dun messed up real bad. Four months ago, me and CoCo was on a lil break, cuz Shay told her we still be talking. 
Mannnnnnnnn , CoCo accused me so much, I took it der one last time with Shay. Shay allergic to condoms, so I couldn't use one with her but I pulled out because she on the pill!!! 

Why Shay just pulled up with papers in her hands, smirking and s@!%. 

I'll never make it out, I'm destined to be a failure like my damn Father!!!!!!! These females dun trapped me, at the same time.

Lord Please Help me, What am I going to do?

Please Wrap it up, BE SAFE your local Teen and Health Centers provide you with Free Condoms. If you have allergies to Latex, they have other types and different methods of contraceptives. Also GET TESTED.... CoCo, Shay and Dontae are all at risk of STDs/STIs.



So here it is February 25th 2019 & I'm reading the scripture:
          Exodus 20: 12 

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you". 

For the 120th time in 2 months. 

I wish I would have kept that in mind over the year's especially the moment I became sexually active. 

Before I explain to you my troubles, let me formally introduce myself. 

My name is Jasmine but my friends call me Jay. I'm the middle child of 7 kids, I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Jordan (20), Jaylen (19), Joshua (18), me Jasmine (17), JaKourtney (15), Jayden & JaKorey (8). We all had different father's but one thing for sure; we had a dedicated Mother. I'm not sure why we all had different Father's but I never questioned my mom's character and integrity. My mom name was Tiffany and she was sweet as Gold, with a heart as pure as a white dove and a Spirit as warm as the sunset. She was gorgeous, with beautiful long hair and a body to kill for. My mom was lit lit, even in her daily scrubs. 

She was a Cafeteria Manager by day and a Certified Nurse Assistant by night. My mother always worked hard because 5 of us had no father around to help and the twins Dad tried his best.

So my mom worked to make sure we were provided with the best. 

By 14 I started smelling myself because in the midst of searching for my Father Rico, I found my first love. 
Markelle was soooooooo fine, he was 17 and I was 14; 3 months shy away from my 15th birthday. My mother worked nights, so it was easy for me to slip away with him when my siblings were sleep or getting into some trouble themselves. Markelle had long dreadlocks with Blonde tips. He was a Senior and played on the Football team. I wasn't in any extra curricular activities but I was popular and considered one of the Kool with a K kids. Within a year of our relationship my mom fell ill, so she would only work her day job to maintain the Bill's and her bad health. The inconvenience of her being off nights, started interfering with me and Markelle relationship and sex life. I became very defiant because I was pissed for not knowing my father for #1, and #2 not being able to be with my man how I needed to be. My brother Jordan was in and out of jail and Jaylen already had 2 kids. Its plenty of night I would hear my mom just cry in the bathroom but come out smiling as if she never dropped a tear. But details like this about my mother, wasnt my interest in the past. We all stayed in a 4 bedroom 2bath in Toulminville on Donald Street by my school, Leflore High School. So our house no longer was the Fun House anymore for me and everyone who skipped classes. 

My mom honestly had no control over us because "Work" was her priority and we raised ourselves. May I add; we were spoiled and my mom was so exhausted through the years working 2 jobs, she never chastised us. So my older siblings took her through pure H.E.L.L. They were getting suspended, kicked out of school, having kids in high school, fights, going to jail and my mom always was there. Rather we were right or wrong Momma loved us unconditionally. 

I never realized I took my mother's love for us, as a weakness until December 25th 2018. Of course it was Christmas and we had a big family so we would do family things together during the holidays. This year I wanted to be with Markelle and his family and I was determined to make that happen. 

My mom had expressed to me my attitude was terrible and I was following my siblings footsteps over the last year. To be honest my mom just didn't understand the love I had for Markelle was deeper than the love she had for any of our Father's. She was lonely, so she was jealous to be honest. Atleast that's how I felt and I was in rage that she was keeping me from my Man on Christmas. Jordan had just got out of jail the day before, and him, Joshua and their friends were smoking weed on momma portch and Jaylen was on the phone arguing with her baby daddy. While the other kids were enjoying their gifts. Momma was in her room, like she had been for weeks not feeling well. I went in her room and told her I was leaving and would be back in a couple hours. 

"Jasmine stay home, it's to much going on in the city and you don't need to be with Markelle tonight". 

I instantly saw "RED",

"@!$%? you cant tell me what to do, just like you cant tell me who my father is". "I hate it here and everything and everybody here, let me be GREAT for once unlike you". 

As I walked away I saw my mother with a look I will never forget. The look was the look when you see a Ghost. I was so happy to see Markelle I ran to the car, jumped in and put my phone on airplane mode. I enjoyed his family and my gifts to the fullest. This was the best Christmas out of my entire life and was truly my last. I had never stayed out all night but I decided to stay over Markelle cousin house with him, since I was smelling myself and upset with my mom. When I came home the house had a presence I've never experienced before in my life. My siblings was all in momma room crying. Jaylen screamed: "Where were you"? "You killed her, you made momma have a heart attack, she's dead, she's dead". 

"She was crying and she just died". 

I instantly saw "RED" but this time I fainted. I never had a chance to tell her I love her, I was sorry, I never spent time with her, I never showed her she was appreciated. I didn't kill her, we all killed her. We broke our mother's heart and she died from a broken heart, that was definitely the look on her face!!!!!!

To everyone Young reading about my issues, just honor your mother, especially if she's all you got. 

Exodus 20: 12 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you".


Kayla & DeMarcus from Mobile, Al 

(Anonymous female & male but TRUE STORY, names are made up)

DeMarcus was the love of my life, and someone I neglected my family, friends & even mother for. The guy I was marrying and didn't care what anyone had to say about it. He wanted sex and I gave it to him; because if you don't satisfy for your man, someone else will. I was bout that Life: weekend trips, skipping school, late night rendezvous and more!!! We we're definitely the example of a 2k Bonnie & Clyde😍😍😍😍

One day I became sick, but I thought it was that Burger King DeMarcus bought me the night before because it tasted funny. My cousin said: "Grandma been dreaming about fish, Kayla you may be pregnant"! Honestly I knew I wasn't pregnant because DeMarcus said he was quick at pulling out, so that protected me from getting pregnant. It was my last year in school and I had to graduate. I had plans to be a nurse, a traveling nurse. 

Little did I know that method of pulling out quick didn't work. I was 12 weeks pregnant and DeMarcus wasn't too happy about it. He actually gave me $420 for an abortion, I loved him, so I took the money. 

When you in love, you do alot of dumb things. Those dumb things almost cost me my life. 

After 5 1/2 months of wearing big clothes, DeMarcus, my cousin, my mom, nor my teachers knew I was having a little girl and I was due soon. 
I had made preparations to give her up for adoption. Social Catholic Services was so amazing and sweet and help me through the process. I felt comfortable with my decision because I wanted to be happy with DeMarcus, and having his daughter would ruin that. 

The week I was told my labor was going to be induced, I told my mother; me & DeMarcus was going to Florida for a week to stay with his folks for a family reunion. Little did I know, that was almost the last time I saw my mother. I had severe complications during labor and almost died. I lost several pints of blood, and needed to be discharged with a round the clock nurse. I denied the services because I didn't want my mother to know about my daughter. My daughter was so beautiful, she had a head full of curly hair, my nose and lips and her daddy beautiful eyes. 

I called and called DeMarcus, but no answer. So I handed her to the social worker to go through with the adoption. Once I was released, I went home in devastation, and so sick I could barely hold my head up or walk. It's been two days and all I could think about was my daughter, I cried everyday. I told my mother me and DeMarcus had broke up, so she wouldn't suspect Anything different. One day a nurse by the name of Betty Jean came to visit me to see how I was doing, she was there when I coded and knew my mother. 

"Kayla how you been, where is that beautiful baby girl of yours"?

"Betty Jean what baby? That child crying cause her boyfriend left her. This kids now a days need to be careful about these Manish manipulative boys, they no good" my momma said laughing. 

"Ummmm no Diane Kayla almost died having a 6pound 12oz baby girl. She lost so much blood and died in front of me, last week!!!" Said: nurse Betty Jean. 

All my mom could do was hold me and cry for hours. Today was number 5 & after 7 days your adoption was final. The next day I had a little strength and with that Strength we went to the Women's Resource Center and got a car seat. My mom took me on the 6th day to get my baby back!!!!! 

That was the best day of my life and the day my life drastically change, because now I was a single teen mother!!!! I pray my story help another female out there who thinks it may last forever and will do anything for love. 

Be Careful


Hey you, yeah you....the one that's about to take a look in my life. Would you believe me if I told you, it was a Fairy Tale at the beginning? 

You know, the one like Princess and The Frog, or how about Beauty and The Beast. 

How can something you prayed for, for years; since you was 5 yrs old, turn into a nightmare over night?

Well it did for me, my name is Kiera and I'm a 22 year old single mother of a 6 yr old little girl name, Dedricka. I fell in love with her dad Dedric at 14 and had Dedricka at 16. The first 4 yrs was Amazing, even as young Parents Dedric provided the best for me and his child. We both graduated on time and moved into an Small apartment on the Westside of Mobile, Alabama. He worked a construction job while I went back to school to get my nursing degree at Bishop State Community College. 

Dedric would cater to my every need and as a young mother that was truly Amazing because I suffered with postpartum depression after I had Dedricka. I was unaware that it could last years after having your baby. Dedric took alot of the pressure off of me, because he would come home, cook and watch Dedricka while I study. This is my King, my Husband to be and my everything. My family was standoffish because I had my baby Young and they were jealous because I had a man who provided for me at a Young Age. My mother never married and stayed in and out of abusive relationships, so my love I shared with Dedric; she hated. 

I had 2 sisters, Kayla and Kayanna who were older than me. Kayla is married with 4 children and Kayanna was a City Council in Texas despite her name hindering her from many jobs growing up. They taught us to be mindful of what we named our children due to discrimination, and my sister honestly broke that barrier. To be honest that's why I was comfortable naming Dedricka after her father. One day I noticed Dedric was a bit moody, so I took it as if he was exhausted from a hard project he took on in Atlanta. Not once did I ever think he was doing anything crazy because I never had trust issues or a problem with Women. As I bent over to give him his favorite meal; I decided to cook for once out of 3 yrs battling with Depression, he knocked it out of my hands. 

"B$@%* you got your nerves, trying to cater to me after me taking care of your ragedy @!* for Years. You been using me, to come up and get your little nursing degree". 

Next thing I knew, I was seeing Black dots and my ears were ringing. I dont remember what happened, I just remember hearing Dedricka crying and touching my face and I was getting up off the Dining room floor. I had blood all over my teeth and two black eyes. I couldn't believe after years of living with a King, I would meet Satan overnight. For 2 yrs i experienced Mental, Emotional, Verbal and Physical abuse. 

Dedric was introduced to Cocaine and Ecstacy pills while working with Coworkers in Atlanta. He lost his job 6months later. I landed a job at Providence Hospital in ICU after graduation, never knowing I would be in ICU after a Severe Domestic Violence rant. 

One night after working a double, I came home smiling and laughing on the phone with my bestfriend Pallas. 
She was telling me about this viral video on Facebook that was funny. 
As i opened the door, i tripped over Dedricka who fell asleep by the door waiting on me to get off. 
It was strange because music was blasting, beer bottles was all over the table along with lines of coke. 

As I got up and was picking up Dedricka, Dedric screamed: "H@! you been lying to me about your schedule". 

I was confused because Dedric knew he hadn't worked in a year and a half. So how did he think I was able to pay all the Bill's by myself without working doubles. 

"Dedric you Tripping, I told you I was working a double 3 days this week". As I layed Dedricka in her Unicorn bed and kissed her on the cheek, Dedric pulled me by my hair. 

He pulled my pony tail so hard, my entire lace front came off and I felt a burning sensation. The look in his eyes, were Demonic and the scariest thing I've ever saw. I knew at this very moment I was going to fight, like I never fought before. He punched me, kicked me, chocked me and the love I had for him wouldn't allow me to defend myself. I couldn't swing back, all I could do was ball up in a corner and cry for God. 
The beating seemed like it lasted for hours as I glanced at the microwave with every kick to my stomach. Dedric had no idea I was 12 weeks pregnant because I wanted to surprise him with my ultrasound picture. After he beat me, 30 mins nonstop I crawled to the bathroom and noticed I was covered in blood in my scrub pants. Dedric stood in the doorway with his pistol as I cried, Dedric I'm pregnant. 

I woke up in ICU, they informed me I had a full hysterectomy along with a dead fiance'. Dedric killed himself, our neighbors called for help after hearing the gunshot. They said if I would have been there 15 more minutes, I would have died too. 

If I would have told someone, I could have gotten me and Dedric some help. I hid all this from people I worked with, people that loved me because I was ashamed and in fear. 

Please let someone know the pain you may be hiding. There is HELP waiting on you‼‼‼

National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799- 7233 (SAFE) ...

Photo by
Founder Latonya Patterson
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