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Father at 17

Hello my name Is Jabriel but many call me Quese. I'm the Inspiration behind Ambitiously Him Her King Foundation. My mother is the Founder/Director of the organization. I'm proud to have a mother who took my crazy situation and turned it into a positive message for the Community to make a DIFFERENCE!!!! 

Me and Kings mother was young and we honestly was doing what Young Lovers do. No we didn't think of the consequences and no we didn't use protection. My mom told me about condoms but she never gave me any. I don't blame my mom for the situation but I can say, it was a lack of sexual education in our home. I was always told the consequences but I was never taught the steps on doing things differently, plus honestly I never thought any of it would happen to me. 

When I found out King mom was pregnant,  I knew I was going to get kicked out. Why???? Because that's the norm for an African American parent to do Right??? When I told her, she immediately thought it was a YouTube prank, until she realized I was actually crying. So she is more dramatic than Reality TV, she ran down the street crying. Once she did a lap, she said: We going to all do this together crying & out of breath. 

My first experience was nothing I could ever imagine. Let me just say: I had to drop out of school to care for my son. I struggled with Depression, and Anxiety due to me not having a Father or male figure, so how can I be a Father, when I'm not sure how to be a man Right? 

Well needless to say....I'm working on getting my Diploma and I have a fulltime job. I adore my son because he is the split image of me. I've vowed to not be like other absent fathers. I've vowed to do what my father didn't do and that's be in Kings Life. 

Young Parents use protection and get to learn one another and prepare yourself financially before making a choice to be a Parent. If you don't have anyone to educate you on sexual education, parenthood & more. Enroll yourself in Ambitiously Him Her King Foundation💙👣 

Pregnant at 16

I became pregnant at the age of 16. Young and so nervous that I was going to fail as a mother (and kind of selfish because I was so spoil) because I was a baby myself. I cried many nights but prayed for strength. My grandmother, mother and father promise me they would be Right by my side and that I had nothing to worry about. My baby was 15 months when I discovered I was pregnant again with my second child. At the age of 19 and a mother of two, I knew I had to grow up and be the best mother and role model I could be. I got my own apartment, ended up dropping out of high school putting off going into the Army. I got my GED and a couple of degrees under my belt, I then decided to go into the Army at the age of 29. Even though I became a mother at a young age, I now have a high school graduate now she's a college freshmen, my son is planning on going into the Army as I did once he gets his high school diploma. I must say with God's help I did well in raising my two kids as a young and single mother.

Pregnant at 15

I became Pregnant at the age of 15. I turned 16 on November 17 gave birth to a baby girl on November 29 1985. I didn't have any HELP from the Father of my daughter but my mother and father were there every step of the way. It was hard being a baby & having a baby. 
I thank GOD for her, I wish I had waited BUT GOD . If I could do it over I just wish I would have been older and finished school. To my teens, please please Wait. Don't rush into being a parent at a very young age. If he or she really loves you they will wait. Things were hard for me growing up with a baby at a young age. I couldn't do anything with my friends or go anywhere like I wanted to because my time was spent being a Teenage Parent. But if it happens, take care of yourself; so you can be the best mom or dad to your baby. Finish School and further your education so you may explore your career goals!!! I'm proud to say I'm a Pastor now & here to pray for any Teen Parent that needs it. If only Ambitiously Him & Her S Outreach existed when I was a Teen Parent💜👑🗣️

Pregnant at 15

I got pregnant at 15 years old while I was a Sophomore in highschool. I was sneaking to be with the person my Momma didn't want me with and she had bought me a car to leave him alone. I was working at McDonald's, I had gotten off work early that evening. I snuck over to his house and had sex with him.

Two weeks later I started feeling so nauseated and the smell of raw meat would make me vomit. I went to my doctor and told him what my body was doing and I was told I was 8weeks pregnant. I was so nervous, scared and I didn't know how I was going to tell my Momma. I knew it was going to break her heart. It took me a week to tell my boyfriend and my Momma.

He didn't believe me and it was like he pulled away from me & didn't want me anymore. After I told my Momma she told me: I would be a drop out, I would move to the projects, I would be on food stamps & welfare and she told me to get out. I had to pack all my things and move out. I was happy I had a car, I didn't have to call anyone to help me or take me to my doctor's appointments. I moved in my daddy's house and I continued to go to school and I kept my job.

It was so tiresome for me to attend school and soon as I left school I had to go to work, but I was determined to prove to my Momma. My mom was wrong for everything she said about me. At one point my car broke down. So when I got further along in my pregnancy I started showing big time.  Me & my sister, Latonya (The founder of Ambitiously  Him Her King Foundation) was my closest friend at the time; we would catch the bus together and she would check on me while we were at school.

One day I really wanted some shrimp fried rice and egg rolls so, we walked from our Grandmother's house to the Chinese restaurant and when I made it back to the house my sister was so scared for me she was breathing hard and she was shaken up a little bit because Grandma was fussing at her😂 for walking across town for my pregnancy cravings.

I had to purchase everything for my baby on my own, that made me feel very responsible doing it alone. Sometimes I would sit in my car and cry that wasn't what I expected to be doing at 15. I promised myself that I would always be there for my baby no matter what. When some of my friends would return back to school after having their babies I would ask them a lot of questions because I was scared especially when my time was getting near.

That pain is the WORST pain ever but she was the cutest little thing and she had her hands crossed when I had her, as if she was praying. I was so ready to go back to school and let my friends see my baby. She was a good baby she didn't cry a lot, she would watch tv and she loved when you would communicate with her.

My Momma loved her first granddaughter and she would take her everywhere with her when she was off work. Her daddy finally wanted to be a father and we got engaged but it didn't last long. I thought me and him were meant to be since we had a baby together but that was far from the truth.

Don't ever settle or feel like you're obligated to being with a person just because you had a child together.  Especially if the relationship is Toxic & Abusive.

Sometimes when it seemed hard for me I would always get to myself and cry it out and talk to God.
That's been working for me every since. 

Pregnant at 19

Hi I'm The Founder/Director of this Amazing organization. I am honored to be Truthful and share my Testimony. 

I became pregnant at 19, one of the pros of my unplanned situation, was that; I had graduated and was out of my parent's home. The con of this situation was that, the Father was older than me & didn't want me to have my son, we weren't married, nor was I financially ready . I was determined to have my son because 6 months prior, I was told I couldn't conceive due to fibroids on my ovaries & a tilted uterus. I didn't use any type of birth control because they didn't agree with my body. I didn't use condoms because I was in love, young and naive. 

My baby's father was determined to persuade me to have an Abortion. He even gave me money to go on with the procedure. I took that money and went shopping and moved with my grandmother. Throughout my pregnancy I moved from home to home due to my defiant behavior from a broken heart. 

I was a disappointment to my mother because she had High Hope's for me. She wanted me to attend college, be married and Prepared financially before having a child early like she did. Before I had my son, I moved into RV Taylor Projects. I was excited because I was doing responsible things on my own. Once I had my son, I had no one to explain postpartum depression and things your body go through after having a child. I suffered tremendously from lack of Knowledge. 

5 months later I was pregnant with my second child. I hid it as long as I could because I knew I would definitely be a disappointment to my mother once again. I struggled with wanting children to fill my voids of: Loneliness, Depression, feeling unloved and more. I knew my Children would bring me happiness and Love but I definitely wasnt thinking of the hardships that comes along with parenthood. 

If I could change anything in my past, I honestly wouldn't because my hardships of being a Young Parent Prepared myself for my Title and Purpose of today💜👣

I am honored to have Reason in This Season. I Thank The Divine Light for Guidance & Guiding me to be The Change I'm looking for. 

Pregnant at 17

Hello my name is Trina Smith & I'm on The Board of Ambitiously Him Her King Foundation.

I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant. I hid my pregnancy from my family for almost 6 months. I didn't want to be a disappointment to my mom because she was Spiritual and dedicated to the church and I didn't want to embarrass her. I finally told her 2 days before I graduated high school only because she bought me some jeans I couldn't wear on senior autograph day.

After all the crying and arguring was over I gave birth on August 27, 1999 to a beautiful baby girl name Wakila Angelik. 

I was blessed to have a strong support system including her dad so I didn't have to be a single parent. I needed all the help i could get because after giving birth by csection I got a blood clot in my left leg and had to be hospitalized for 2 months. I was away from my baby girl, she went home and I was still in the hospital. Although I only have 1 child because of my health issue she was indeed a blessing and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

I encourage all young parents to be the best parent they can be because children are a blessings.

Always remember trouble don't last always, just put God first and everything else will fall in place. 💞

Pregnant at 19

 I became pregnant at the age of 19. Young and so nervous that I was going to fail as a mother because, I didn't know much. I cried many nights but prayed for strength. My mother and father promise me they would be Right by my side.

  My baby was 8 months when I discovered I was pregnant again with my second child. At the age of 21 and a mother of two, I knew I had to grow up and be the best mother and role model I could be. I got my own apartment, just found a job and I'm working on getting my GED and Even though I became a mother at a young age, I must say with God's help I'm doing good. I'm  raising my two kids as a young and single mother now. I have 1 year old name Toby and a 4 month old name Madison.

My kids are my pride and joy they put a smile on my face every morning. I know if I could do it, I believe you can too. 

Pregnant at 16

My name is Marsha Sewell & I was a teen mom. I haven't been opened about my story until now. 

Growing up your parents did not talk about sex, let alone tell you, not to do so. What we didn’t know is, if it (SEX) wasn’t talked about; you really didn’t know about it (SEX), until you were approached with it (SEX). I lost my virginity at the age of 14 & the crazy part is; it wasn't what people said it was. My first experience was nothing, I wanted or had to experience again.

Let's move forward.... I’m now in high school and I have a boyfriend yet. I was 16 when we met and we were inseparable & in love. We did and went everywhere together. Now I was very sexual active with him. Now, let me remind you guys, we were together daily and I always wore baggy clothes. The only time I wore different clothes is if, I went out with my friends.

Now, I didn’t know I was pregnant I did not know about ovulation, symptoms of pregnancy or anything of that nature.

I just knew if you missed a period you were pregnant. Yes personally didn’t have much knowledge about sex or pregnancy. I don’t even remember missing a period.

So my boyfriend grandmother call my mom,  about march 1997 and told her I was pregnant and I’m like NOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY. When I tell you i was scared and I didn’t know what to think?!?!

 I think I conceived in August because when I found out I was pregnant I was about 6 or 7 months. I never showed, I never felt a baby move, I never remembered missing a cycle or anything. When I found out, everyone found out too!

My mom would say some cruel hurtful things when I was pregnant because she was hurting as a mother. Who wants to see their baby, have a baby? She didn’t want me, to have a baby young and be labeled. Which I didn't think mattered, because I, wasn't popular or known; so who would even care? To be honest I had no friends, just my boyfriend. I was not mad at myself or disappointed because this was something I had done to myself & I was going to deal with it.

I literally had my baby two months after finding out I was pregnant. May 21, 1997 I had my baby; I had turned 17 on the 3rd of May, so my baby girl was my birthday present.

Since the day of Motherhood, my life and I was changed that day, forward.

Pregnant at 13

My son was conceived when I was only 13 years old. I was 14 years old when I gave birth to him. In a time that I thought I would be so alone, I found the most unconditional love that I have ever known. I had never seen anyone look at me with as much admiration and wonder as when he opened his tiny sweet eyes for the first time and looked into mine. I was given the choice to place him for adoption, and while that choice is right for many people, I knew that it was not the right choice for us. Raising him was not always the most simple thing to do. There was a serious learning curve. Being older now, and having gone on to have two more children I know that the learning curve exists no matter your age and no matter how many children you have. Raising my second and third child was just as nerve wracking, messy, and beautiful as raising my first. My son is now a wonderful, and hilarious 10 year old boy. I consider my self so blessed to have this beautiful soul in my life. One of my life's biggest successes is raising him.

- Hope Brown

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Founder Latonya Patterson
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